Colorado Professional License Defense Attorney Karen M. McGovern releases new website

An active registered Colorado nurse and former assistant attorney general, Karen McGovern is particularly attuned to the needs of nurses facing professional regulation. She has an in-depth understanding of licensing board procedures and will carefully prepare the strongest case possible on your behalf. Prior to any case proceedings, she will discuss with you the potential outcomes of your legal matter and offer insight into how the board might rule.

Providing insightful, comprehensive defense is always Karen McGovern’s paramount goal. She is well positioned to handle cases involving both state and federal regulatory agencies, as well as those taking place in criminal court. When you retain Karen McGovern, you will never have to feel anxiety over the hassle and expense associated with retaining  two separate attorneys one to defend the criminal charges and another to defend the professional disciplinary action.  Instead, you can feel confident that Karen McGovern will resolve the criminal and disciplinary matters promptly and efficiently.

Visit our new website at or and check out the new format. If you find yourself in need of a Colorado Nurse Defender, call The Law Office of Karen M. McGovern, LLC at 303.260.6444 for a free consultation.


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