The Devil is in the Details

Many of my cases involve nurses facing potential disciplinary action related primarily to their failure to keep up with the “administrative” details required to maintain a nursing license in Colorado.

It is imperative that licensees keep their contact information updated with the Colorado Division of Registrations/State Board of Nursing. The Division/Board mails license renewal information and complaints issued pursuant to section 12-38-116.5 of the Nurse Practice Act to the nurse’s address of record. Both license renewal information and complaints are time sensitive materials and a nurse’s failure to timely respond may constitute unprofessional conduct resulting in disciplinary action against the nurse.

So while you may not consider updating your contact information at the Colorado Board of Nursing to be your first priority when moving or changing jobs, you may want to contemplate the time, costs, and emotional toll involved when faced with potential disciplinary actions against your nursing license for simply failing to be mindful of the details.

This post is intended as informational only and does not constitute legal advice. If you find yourself facing disciplinary action by the State Board of Nursing, please contact an  experienced Colorado Nurse Defender.